DO NOT ENTER – unless you want some FREE patterns…

Sewing, Cross Stitch, Knitting, Crochet – some of these patterns are ones I used to have for sale. I’ve decided to give back to the Universe – check ’em out…


These patterns are some of my best and most time consuming to produce. I’m offering them for free. If you’re a sewer, a knitter, a crocheter, a cross stitcher – I got you covered.


Some of my cross stitch patterns are for the true bohemian only. In other words, the content may offend some. I’m sorry about this, it is truly not my intent to offend. If they are offensive, step away from this page immediately 🙂


For those of you who get my sense of humor and fun – have a party. Leave me comments. Let me know if you have any questions about the patterns.


Here’s to letting your creativity (and bohemian sense of humor) flag fly!


CLICK HERE for free patterns.



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